Food Allergen Reference Materials Task Force Meeting


30th October 2019, 13:00 – 16:00, USP Conference Center, Rockville, MD, USA
Chair: Roland Poms, MoniQA Association, Austria


“Towards a global Food Allergen RM Standard”

In recent years several food allergen RMs have become available. Nevertheless, the quest for RMs from industry QC and regulatory control agencies has not been satisfied. Parallel activities of different initiatives and the emergence of a variety of materials (not being validated/calibrated against one globally accepted standard) further confuse users and diffuse the comparability of reference materials, calibrators and methods. Learning from experiences and concerns from users and producers of RMs, please join the discussion with standardisation organisations and official RM providers aiming to work towards a global Food Allergen RM Standard. We appreciate the participation of representatives from FDA, NIST, MoniQA, AOAC, HealthCanada, CEN, EU-JRC, Codex Alimentarius, a.o. to work on one harmonized standard RM against which other RMs, pure and incurred can be validated to.

  1. Welcome and introduction
  2. What makes an acceptable consensus/community food allergen RM
    a.  Available food allergen reference materials
    b.  Lessons (to be) learned
    c.  Missing data regarding currently available RMs
    d.  Conversion factors and harmonization of reporting units
    e.  Positioning of MoniQA RM
    f.  Update on MoniQA’s food allergen RMs and collaborative efforts/collaborations

  3. Mapping the way forward towards harmonized global food standards for the different food allergen RMs
    a.  Views from FDA, NIST, MoniQA, HealthCanada, AOAC, CEN, EU-JRC, a.o.
    b.  How to achieve commitment of official organizations for a consensus RM
    c.  Prioritization of RMs (commodity, incurred materials) and how will emerging RMs be harmonized with criteria from SDOs (e.g. current SMPR’s through AOAC)
    d.  Interest/commitment
    e.  What it takes
    f.   Next steps


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